Beautiful, potent, premium cannabis flower is all we offer. Our partners have cutting edge grow facilities, innovative genetics and knowledgeable cultivation teams to thank for that. With cannabis flower testing over 25% THC, and terpene profiles that are off the charts, ENVY flower has fantastic taste with balanced and consistent effects.

sativa flower

Sativa Flower

indica flower

Indica Flower

hybrid flower

Hybrid Flower


We have taken concentrates to the next level. Only utilizing the very best cannabis flower input material, we take advantage of the best, cutting edge technology on the market. The result is pure golden marijuana shatter extracts. The key to our perfectly balanced flavor and effects is our terpene levels. We have perfected all cannabis concentrates to include just the right balance, delivering consistent effects, aroma, and taste.

sativa bho shatter

Sativa Shatter

indica bho shatter

Indica Shatter

hybrid bho shatter

Hybrid Shatter


Finally, infused cannabis gummies that don’t taste infused. At all. Our flavors take THC gummies to new heights, and as luck would have it, there’s a flavor for everyone: sweet, sour and even a little spicy.

Peach Bellini: A burst of fresh flavor made from pureed blood peaches and lemon juice with the added zest of sparkling white wine flavor.

Pina Colada: Made with sweet, slightly sour fresh pineapple juice combined with the unmistakable freshness of coconut.

Watermelon Lemonade: Fresh watermelon made with tart lemonade.
Berry Punch: Sweet fresh berries paired with a tropical fruit punch.
Cucumber Serrano: A blend of cool cucumber and spicy serrano that will perk your taste buds right up.

Each container includes 10 delicious cannabis gummies with 10mg of THC each.

Peach Bellini Gummies

Peach Bellini

pina colada gummies

Pina Colada Gummies

cannabis gummies

Watermelon Lemonade

cannabis gummies

Berry Punch

CO2 Oil Cartridges

Hello, 100% purity! Our CO2 oil cartridges are the purest method of consuming cannabis. Our proprietary extraction process captures the native terpenes of the plant, giving our cannabis oil a robust flavor and effect profile. Uncut, zero additives or solvents. Full spectrum oil. Discreet usage, perfect for use on the go. Top-of the-line hardware technology.

sativa cartridge

Sativa Cartridge

indica cartridge

Indica Cartridge

hybrid cartridge

Hybrid Cartridge

CO2 Applicators

Savor 100% pure CO2 oil in the way that works best for you. Like our cartridges, our multi-function applicators contain CO2 oil derived from our unique extraction process that highlights the native terpenes of the plant. Expect a robust flavor and effect profile. Our full spectrum oil is activated and ready for ingestion. Simply add to food or dose straight from the applicator. Includes a steel tip, perfect for dabbing. Uncut, zero additives or solvents.

sativa applicator

Sativa Applicator

indica applicator

Indica Applicator

hybrid applicator

Hybrid Applicator

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