Life’s better
with ENVY.

Naturally, we hold cannabis in high regard, thanks to the positive effect it has on a variety of people for a variety of reasons and occasions. At ENVY, we also hold ourselves to the industry’s highest standards.

Here’s what you need to know about ENVY, and why our cannabis is the absolute best choice you can make. (And we don’t say that lightly. We know you have lots to choose from.)

recreational cannabis
We love what we do. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of cannabis and appreciate its purpose in this world. We wanna share.
recreational cannabis
We do not take shortcuts. Best practices are all we practice. From coddling our plants to passing lab tests with flying colors, quality and consistency are hugely important to us—and it shows.
recreational cannabis
We genuinely respect you. Because of this, ENVY offers the best cannabis products at the best price. Our motto is ‘Vibe on’ so we’d rather you spend your money doing something you love.

recreational cannabis

Our experience fuels yours.

While the ENVY brand is new, our partners have been around—and eclipsing cannabis industry standards—since 2012. Budtenders rely on our consistently amazing quality; buyers appreciate the real value we bring to the party; and our customers, well, they just love us. And they keep coming back because they know greatness when they see it.

Speaking of which, check out our product offerings. And please come back often—we’re always creating new and different ways to vibe on.

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