If you enjoy soaking up the sun, listening to your favorite music, and enjoying time with your friends, then attending a summer music festival is the perfect activity for you. In Reno, festivals have become a lifestyle. They’re a fun way for people to experience new things and have fun. Festivals aren’t just large concerts typically held outdoors, they’re days-long events that provide fun life experiences that bring people together. You get to connect with people from all over the world over music and other shared interests, which builds lasting friendships. And getting to hear your favorite tunes and dress up in a one-of-a-kind outfit is just a bonus!

In order to make the most of your festival experience, you should properly prepare yourself for the long days and busy nights. Knowing the right items to pack and understanding what to expect while at the event will really help you make the most out of your festival experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first festival. 

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Pack Your Bags, It’s Festival Time

Packing the proper items needed to get you through your first festival weekend is critical. To have a successful trip, you’ll want to make sure you have all the essential items to get you through the weekend, without going overboard. It’s important to remember a jacket and an extra set of clothes, but try to avoid overpacking. Most festival-goers camp at designated camping sites, meaning there’s no hotel room to store your belongings or to take a nice shower in. You’re going to want to make sure you check the weather for the area you’re staying in and pack accordingly. We suggest planning your outfits and bringing items that will make your trip more enjoyable.lifestyle backpack

Some extra items you may want to consider packing are:

  • A money belt or fanny pack. This will help you keep your money and I.D. in a safe place while ditching the heavy purse. They come in many different designs and patterns, making them a great accessory to your festival attire. 
  • Dry shampoo and shower wipes. At a festival, you might not be able to fully wash your hair which is where the dry shampoo comes in handy. And while you may feel like you need to take a second shower after dancing the day away in the hot sun, you probably won’t be able to partake in this luxury either. Shower wipes can help you bare through the smells and feeling of uncleanliness. 
  • Portable phone charger. You know you’re going to need your phone for taking several photos and videos of all the fun you’re having. And you’ll be really glad you had your phone handy when you stray from the group or get lost coming back from getting water or using the restroom, so make sure your phone is sufficiently charged.
  • Sunscreen. While you may be excited about working on your tan, which you can still do, make sure you carry some sort of sunscreen. Your skin will thank you later! And getting a painful sunburn could ruin the fun for you. 

Get Ready To Camp

As stated earlier, you’re not going to be in a nice hotel for the duration of the festival, so you’re going to need a tent. There are numerous ways you can make your tent more comfortable. You’ll probably appreciate having a nice air mattress to lay on after a long day out in the sun. And don’t forget the folding chairs to rest in between sets, a cooler to keep your drinks cold, and an EZ-Up or umbrella for shade. Other camping essentials may include a flashlight with extra batteries, a small first aid kit, and extra blankets.

You’ll be thankful that you brought along these extra items to your first festival. Having a comfortable place to sleep and rest up before you go back out for more dancing and fun is important, so treat yourself.

Brace Yourself For Long Periods of Walking, Standing, And Dancing

Festivals are usually very busy and packed with a lot of people. You should prepare yourself for standing in long lines and for continuous walking. Not to mention all the dancing you’ll be doing. This is why it’s important that you bring comfortable shoes. While a fancy pair of heels will match well with your perfectly choreographed outfit, they’re not the best for walking through grass or standing all day. Leave the heels at home and embrace your comfy sneakers or flats instead. 

Bring A Reusable Water Bottle And Snacks

Purchasing all of your food and drinks from vendors at festivals will get very expensive very fast. Bring a reusable water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated. Not only is it more environmentally friendly to use a reusable water bottle, but it’ll also save you money from buying plastic bottles of water all weekend. And having snacks like granola bars, trail mix, beef jerky, or dried fruit will help you stay away from eating too much of the overpriced and heavy festival food. 

lifestyle festival campingGet Plenty of Rest and Save Your Energy

Long festival days that turn into long festival nights are to be expected. There’s no going to bed early when there’s this much fun to be had. With that said, make sure you rest up before the festival starts and bring items that will help you sleep better so you can keep up with all the festivities. 

Earplugs might be a good item to pack if you’re sensitive to sound when you sleep. And opting for a comfortable air mattress will help your body relax after all that dancing you did. Getting the best sleep possible during the festival weekend will ensure your ability to keep up with your friends and have the best time you can. 

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